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Q & A

T-Banks aka M$R’s inspiration of the sound and rhymes is derived from his solitary message, "Dream but, don't sleep. Keep Hip-Hop's true purpose REAL by supporting REAL artists without ties to a corporate agenda. One hundred percent INDEPENDENT!”, says T-Banks aka M$R, “It is supposed to be a voice for the voiceless and NOT A TOOL for selling MORE of the same ‘politricks’ and useless trinkets that reduce us from human beings to consumers.”

‘Oeuvre’ articulately delivers T-Banks aka M$R’s raw and unique talent as he continues to embody not having anybody telling him what he can or can’t say with his music. His music clearly and truthfully depicts his personal perspective and opinion on ‘the system’ we are in and dares to make his listeners think and ask questions about ‘the system’ that we all have become dependent on.

“I consider myself very flexible with my delivery and style. When it’s my beat and my rhymes, you can definitely tell it’s M$R. When I’m recording or writing a track or making a new beat, that’s all I’m doing!”, says T-banks aka M$R, “My music cannot be used to sell anything but progress. That’s why you won’t see me on television or hear me on the radio.”

T-Banks aka M$R has been producing music and tracks for over 15 years, finding influence from Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Ras Kass, Redman, Luniz, Jadakiss and many more. His two-letter acronym stage name “M$R” stands for M-ental $ R-sonist – aspiring to ‘burn’ positive messages into the minds of his audiences.

what's your home-state, country ? 

Born "Terell Allen Banks" In 1983, In York, PA. Moved Around A lot On The East Coast Early On In PA, Then Eventually Made It Out To The Golden State Around 5-7 years old. In CA, I Grew Up First In South San-Diego, Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, San Ysidro Areas. Then Made It Up To The Inland Empire Area, Riverside County, Temecula, CA In The Middle Of 7th Grade.

Where did your stage name originate from ?
My Stage Name Is A Two Letter Acronym “M$R” “M-ental $ R-sonist” I Came Up With It Back When I First Started Spittin & Trying To Record Music Independently. It Basically Stands For, My Attempt To “Burn”Positive Messages Into The “Minds” Of My Audience .

Other than music what do you do to pay the bills ?
Any & Everything That Doesn’t Compromise My Soul & Individual Dignity.

What are some of your hobbies and extracurricular activities you enjoy ?
I’m 100% Skateboarder! Long Before Lupe Fiasco’s Kick Push, I Been Skating Since Back When It Wasn’t Cool To Skate & Be A Skateboarder. DEUCE SQUAD SKATE CREW LIVES ON! - T&Tris

What year did you first become introduced to hip-hop ?
Ever Since Growing Up In The 80’s & 90’s Beginning Phases of It, I’ve Always Loved Hip-Hop! Through My Vast Musical Experiences Over The Last Almost 20 years, I’ve Come To Fully Understand What This Gift We Have Called Hip-Hop Truly Is & Our Responsibility To Help rather Than Hurt It Further. Hip-Hop Is Intended To Be A LOUD VOICE For Those Who Socially, Economically, Spiritually Etc. Aren’t Heard Or Are Simply Ignored By The Global Power Structure Built Up Around Us.

Coming up as an artist what emcee's influenced your music and intrigued you to pick up a mic and hit the booth and stage ?
Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious BIG, 2Pac, K-Rino, Ras Kass, Redman, Luniz, Jadakiss, Shyne, Cormega, Mobb Deep, AZ, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Rakim, Kool G Rap, Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique, Defiance, Golden, Dub-00, Hap Hazard, Maximus, Afrika Bambatta, Ice-T, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Big L, I Left Out Hella Names But I Could Go On For Days Feel Me….

What artists and people in your life enticed you to get into this business?
All The People I Started Doing This With, I’m Still Doing This With, After Almost 20 Years. My Blackwolves, Dons Familia, ImperialHustle Squad Is Simply Family & Friends In Business.

How would you describe your presence in the studio when your laying down tracks, do you consider yourself versatile when it comes to a wide range of styles, or do you stick to a certain method when it comes to your delivery and execution ?
I Consider Myself Very Flexible With my Delivery & Style. When It’s My Beat & My Rhymes, You Can Definitely Tell It’s M$R. When Im recording or writing a track or making a new beat, THAT’S ALL IM DOING!

What Artists, Disc Jockeys, Producers are you currently working with?
Defiance (Emcee), Stallion (Emcee), Golden (Emcee), A-Don (Producer), Silo The Avatar (Emcee/Producer),  Kid Nice (Producer) Calicoe G (Emcee)

If you had the pick of any artist(s) to spit a 16 bar verse on a collaborative track what artist(s) would you choose and why ?
I Would Choose K-Rino Or Ras Kass. These Are Two Of My All time Favorite REAL Lyricists/Artists/Emcees.

Tell us about your most recently released project and your current project that's in the works, when is it set for release and what agencies are you choosing for promotion and distribution ?
The Most Recent Project Was My Album “Infectious” 2011. I’m 99% Done With My First Quarter Album For 2012 “CHECKMATE” This One Is Going To Be My Personal Best Yet. Production & All!

What one reason would your fan base express that separates you from the normal mainstream recording artist ?
I’m Not Advertising Anything But REAL LIFE! I’m Not Selling Anything Fraudulent! My Intentions Are Clearly In My Music.

What's currently in your iPod / Android / Mp3 Player play list ?
Anything You Could Think Of From Michael Jackson To Megadeath & Everywhere In Between. I’ve Never Music Discriminated, In Order To Gain As Broad An Influence As Possible With My Talents.

What’s your formula when you come up with the concepts for your tracks, when you hit the studio do you record your material off the top or do you use notes as a reference ?
I Have To Sit & Marinate/Meditate On Ideas. When I Get That Creative Energy Flowing I Don’t Hesitate & Carefully Craft & Form It Into What I’m Seeing & Thinking. Sometimes I’ll Be Up All Night & Only Have Half a Track Done. Sometimes I Really Feel The Energetic Vibe & Can Produce Multiple Successes At Once. It All Varies With The Creative Energy Flow.

Where do you see yourself and your career in the industry in the next 5 years ?
Big or Small, Doing The Same Things I’ve Been Doing In The First Place For The Past Almost 20 years.

Where do you see the industry in 5 years ?
To Be Honest, I Hope To See The Industry Defeated By Independent Artists & Labels In The Sense That They Control The Market & Don’t Pay The Artist What They Truly Deserve For All The Hard Work In Most Cases. I Feel If You Do All The Work, You Reap All The Benefits Of That Work.

If you had to choose one track that will have listeners hooked, which track would it be ?
“Gone Too Far Ft. Defiance” Produced By: “Vherbal” This Track Easily Speaks For Itself.

I Just Want to say Thanks & Mad Love & Respect 4 Taking The Time To Check Out My Site & Supporting Music. Peace & Love Is All I’m Giving. Hate Me Or Love Me, You Won’t Forget What I Say & Why I Say It. In The End, It Was All For Humanity As A Global Collective. Hip-Hop Revolution! May Peace Be With All! Shout Out To The Fans Of REAL Hip-Hop, Defiance, Stallion, Gold, A-Don, Silo, Dub, FSNTL(UK),Calicoe G, Ace The General, Picc Pocket Records, G-Tone, Dante, All The Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas Etc. Of The World & Beyond. R.I.P Gyver, Fredo, Hap Hazard, Montrez, Everybody Who’s Ever Lost Somebody Close, & Those That Will.

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